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A message to China domestic brand operators

Chinese brands have come a long way in the last 20 years. China now boasts some incredibly successful brands, and a few are making the transition to international marketplaces.

But the majority of brands in China are brand in name only. They do not always address the real characteristics of a successful brand identity, and can fall short of their potential. We looked at some of the ingredients in the preceding section. For branding to succeed, the logo is just a small part of the mix.

Licensing a suitable brand name, or using the leverage that an ingredient brand can make, can greatly enhance an existing brand or product collection.

The process to satisfy a licensor will take sustained effort but will lead to the adoption of a vast array of skills, as well as the brand itself, often on an exclusive basis, over a long period. The new skills will help transition the company to a professional brand marketer.

We often say the process starts with the signing of the agreement. The reason for this is that implementation of the license needs to be thorough and leads to progressive change and improvement throughout the company. Broadbrand’s role here is to act in a supporting capacity to ensure that the skills are in place. We work with you to help achieve the changes that will transform the product>brand process.