Welcome to Broadbrand!  

Who we are

Broadbrand  is a Hong Kong company with a wholly owned subsidiary in Shenzhen with offices in UK, France, & Singapore. The founders & management team bring experience in Asia built up over 25 years. Most of the team have worked with each other for a decade or more. Broadbrand was created to meet a need for a new era in brand licensing in Asia and to work with the very best Asian, (in particular Chinese companies), wishing to develop their businesses through the acquisition of strong, suitable brands.  Working on behalf of western companies (licensors)  Broadbrand develop and implement a strategy which focuses on generating the ideal license structure for their brand in Asia.  This is not a short term ‘fix’ but is structured to deliver long term value to both Western and Asia customers. We implement this, and manage the overall process to deliver sustainable results which benefit the brand, the licensors and the licensees. How are we different? Our processes reflect the very different marketplace that exists in Asia, in terms of licensing environment. Some are unique to Broadbrand, and our understanding of the licensing market, and reflect the broad skills of the management team. Formed in 2011, the company has expanded faster than we dreamed, and secured a number of significant licensor agreements, and concluded numerous license deals across widely differing industries and products, using our radically different approach to deliver value. We will be pleased to show you some of the techniques and processes we might apply to your brand.