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Change in China – threat or opportunity

China’s growth rate, manufacturing capability and large workforce posed a threat to western manufacturing in many sectors over the last three decades.  While China still continues to dominate regional Asian industrial manufacturing, that very success has spawned a whole new market of wealthy consumers. Factories that used to export, hit by recession in western markets, have started turning to local markets, in many cases for the first time. Doing business with China was never easy; selling to China is more difficult; Selling to Chinese in China is a challenge. Licensing product and/or brand name is one of several approaches to resolve this. Broadbrand can help determine if this is right for your company, and go through a proven, structured approach to determine this. If it is, we develop a programme with you that can address the opportunities for your product.  This includes ● brand licensing feasibility study, and understanding priority markets ● license program development ● licensee negotiation & contracting ● post licensee performance audit ● licensee management

By understanding the market for your brand, and prioritising sectors which have the best fit, the optimum license deal can be structured. The detailed review of the licensee helps confirm their suitability and commitment across several metrics, reducing the risk of selecting an unsuitable licensee, and ensuring that your brand value is defended and upheld at all stages.